Beach Holiday

Voyager Beach Resort is a ship-themed resort ‘moored’ 7 km north of Mombasa town on the up-market Nyali beach. This cruiser docks on different ports every evening, with themed cuisine and ‘on-board’ family entertainment – including classic Broadway-type musicals -  and animations to match each port of call! The liner is ideal for family groups, with enthralling Adventurers and Young Rangers’ Clubs for the younger ‘sailors’, honey-mooning couples, youthful sailors, as well as older sea-farers!


Kipungani Lamu with almost 12 kms of  sun-kissed white beach on the sheltered Kipungani Channel has has been described as one of the most incurably romantic coastal hideaways in all of Africa and a modern-day Robinson Crusoe retreat! And for a good reason too – the near-deserted beach is calming, good for long beach walks, romantic beach weddings, or romantic seafood beach dining! The rustic laid-back fusion of luxury and simplicity is amazing; everything is handcrafted by highly skilled local craftsmen. The bandas are made from woven ‘makuti’ (thatch) and palm-mat, with the furnished with soft king-sized beads, hanging cushion-piled ‘moon-beds’ (hammocks) and topped with lavish personal toiletries. You can also laze by the pool, indulge in some non-motorized water sports like kayaking or wind-surfing, or go snorkeling, fishing on the open channel or a romantic sunset cruise on our dhow.